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Dr. Tumi ~ Strong God[Mp3 Review & Lyrics]

Strong God by Dr. Tumi: A Song Review

Dr. Tumi, the award-winning South African gospel singer and songwriter, has released a new single titled "Strong God" on October 7, 2022¹. The song is the first track from his upcoming album "More Than Enough", which is expected to be released on October 6, 2023². In this song, Dr. Tumi praises the power, mercy, and goodness of God, who is his dependable love and defender in every situation.

The song begins with a catchy hook that repeats the phrase "Strong God" over a rhythmic beat. Dr. Tumi then sings about how he can always count on God, who is his dependable love and defender. He sees God in the fire, leading him in triumph. He also sings about how he will sing of God's power and shout of God's mercy, and let the world know of God's goodness and grace. He declares that God is his safety, a good place to hide, and that his love always shows up in time. He affirms that he will never be snatched out of God's hand.

The chorus then repeats the phrase "Strong God" four times, emphasizing the main theme of the song. Dr. Tumi then continues to sing about how God walked on water, opened the Red Sea, and can move mountains. He acknowledges that nothing is too hard for God, who is omnipotent, merciful, and gracious. He calls God his strong tower, and expresses his trust in him.

The song ends with a bridge that repeats the phrase "My dependable love" four times, followed by the chorus again. The song fades out with Dr. Tumi singing "Oh-oh-oh" over the beat.

The song is a powerful testimony of Dr. Tumi's faith and devotion to God, who is his strong God and dependable love. The song also encourages listeners to trust in God's strength and love, and to praise him for his mighty deeds and wonderful attributes. The song has a contemporary gospel sound, with elements of pop and R&B. The production is crisp and clear, with a smooth blend of drums, keyboards, guitars, and backing vocals. The song has a duration of 4 minutes and 42 seconds.

The song has received positive feedback from fans and critics alike. On YouTube, the song has over 26 thousand views and 581 likes. On Shazam, the song has been identified by over 2 thousand users¹. Many commenters have expressed their appreciation for the song, saying that it uplifts their spirit, inspires their faith, and blesses their soul.

Dr. Tumi is one of the most popular and influential gospel artists in South Africa and beyond. He has won several awards, including the SABC Crown Gospel Awards, Metro FM Music Awards, African Gospel Music Awards, and more⁴. He is also a qualified medical doctor who runs a private practice in Mabopane. He is married to Kgaogelo Makweya, who is also his manager. They have three children together.

Dr. Tumi's new single "Strong God" is a beautiful and uplifting song that celebrates the greatness and goodness of God. It is a song that will surely touch many hearts and souls with its message of faith and love.


Artist: Dr. Tumi

Song: Strong God

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