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Dr. Tumi ~ Chases After Me[Mp3 Review & Lyrics]

Chases After Me by Dr. Tumi: A Song Review

Dr. Tumi is a South African gospel singer, songwriter, and medical doctor. He has been making music since 2007, and has won several awards and nominations for his inspiring and uplifting songs. He is also a devoted Christian who has used his voice and platform to share the gospel and minister to people around the world.

One of his latest songs, Chases After Me, is a beautiful expression of his gratitude and awe to God for his love, grace, and mercy. The song is part of his album More Than Enough, which was released in 2023. The lyrics are simple but profound, as they declare that God is the one who chases after them, even when they are unworthy or unfaithful.

The song then continues with four verses, each consisting of two lines that rhyme. The verses describe the various aspects of God's goodness and mercy, such as his forgiveness, healing, protection, provision, guidance, and presence. The verses also refer to the different ways that God's people respond to his gifts, such as by repenting, trusting, obeying, serving, praising, and loving him. The verses are interspersed with the chorus, creating a contrast between the solo and the group voices.

The song ends with a bridge that affirms the faithfulness and sovereignty of God over all creation. 

The song is a testimony of Dr. Tumi's faith and experience as a Christian in South Africa. He acknowledges that everything he has comes from God, and that without him he would have nothing. He also recognizes that God has given him more than he deserves, and that he has saved him from sin and death through his Son Jesus Christ. He expresses his love and devotion to God, and his desire to serve him with his gifts and talents.

The song is also an invitation to listeners to join him in his gratitude and awe to God. He wants to inspire others to find love, grace, and mercy in God, no matter what circumstances they face. He wants to remind others that God is always with them, always for them, always loving them. He wants to encourage others to thank God, praise God, worship God for who he is and what he has done.

The song is a masterpiece of musical artistry and spiritual expression. It showcases Dr. Tumi's vocal skills and harmonies, as well as his musical creativity and diversity. It also conveys his theological beliefs and values, as well as his personal stories and emotions. It is a song that can touch anyone's heart and soul, regardless of their background or beliefs. It is a song that can bring peace, joy, and hope to anyone who listens to it.


Artist: Dr. Tumi

Song: Chases After Me

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