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Benjamin Dube ~ Mdali Wezulu[Mp3 Review & Lyrics]


"Mdali Wezulu" is a phrase that combines Zulu and Christian elements. Zulu is one of the indigenous languages of South Africa, and Christianity has a significant presence in the country. In this context, "Mdali Wezulu" is often used to refer to God in Zulu Christianity.

Breaking down the phrase

"Mdali" in Zulu means "Creator" or "Maker." In a Christian context, it refers to God as the Creator of all things, as the Bible teaches that God is the one who created the heavens and the earth.

"Wezulu" means "of heaven" or "from heaven." This part of the phrase emphasizes God's divine nature and His heavenly origin. It reflects the Christian belief that God is a transcendent being who resides in heaven.


Artist: Benjamin Dube

Song: Mdali Wezulu

So, when Zulu-speaking Christians use the term "Mdali Wezulu," they are essentially acknowledging God as the Creator from heaven. It's a way of expressing their faith in the Christian God while incorporating their native language and cultural context. This phrase illustrates how Christianity can be adapted and integrated into different cultures and languages while retaining its core theological concepts.

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